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Belle Image by Stéphanie

Travel Photography

A Little About Me...

 My name is Stéphanie Mounts and I love traveling and photography. I am happiest when I can combine both!

I am French by birth, but married to my most wonderful American husband. I hail from the South of France, and have remained faithful to my home country by visiting as much as possible.  I have been fortunate to be able to travel extensively throughout the world, and continue to do so as much as possible.

I first got into photography back in 2001, while living in Virginia and took Black and White Photography classes through the Alexandria Art League. There, I learned to process, develop and print my own photographs in the darkroom. It is a fascinating and addictive process, and I hope to have my own darkroom one day soon.

I moved to Montgomery, AL, in 2003, where I worked in a Photographic lab and studio and continued to learn the craft. In 2004, I moved to Colorado Springs, where I worked with Apre Photography as an assistant photographer. This is where I learned the most about photographing weddings, seniors, families, and pets. I LOVED photographing weddings, which became my favorite thing to do during my two-year stay in Colorado.

Ever since 2001, I have been taking photos on all of my trips, and cannot imagine traveling and sightseeing without my faithful camera in my hand. I have also recently shot food  photographs for an upcoming French book on restaurants and traditional recipes.

I am currently living in Germany with my husband and two Great Pyrenees, Aspen and Tahoe, and have enjoyed touring around Germany and learning about this awesome country.

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