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Belle Image by Stéphanie

Travel Photography


Do you have old photographs that are gathering dust and have gotten damaged over time? Are there photos that you really like, but you only wish you could remove total strangers that ended up being in your shot? Do you want to create cool effects such as black and white photo with a touch of color? I can do all of that for you, and so much more!  Please take a look at some of my samples to see what can be done.

If you are interested in having some work done on some photographs, no matter how big or small a job, please send me an e-mail at stephaniemounts@aol.com with your photograph and tell me what you are looking for. Prices will vary based on the amount of work, but I bet you'll be surprised at how affordable this can be. Turn around time will vary between 1 day to 3 days. See estimates below sample photos to get an idea of the total cost.



1 Hour to restore, total cost $25


1 hour to restore, total cost $25


30 minutes to restore, total cost: $12


30 minutes to retouch, total cost: $12

45 minutes to retouch, total cost: $18

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