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Belle Image by Stéphanie

Travel Photography

My Equipment


 I have been a Nikon fan every since I can remember, probably because of my father's influence, who was also a great photographer and who used Leicas and Nikons.  I have owned many different Nikons cameras and lenses, but I am currently using a Nikon D90, an 18-55mm 3.5-5.6G lens VR (Vibration Reduction), a 105mm f2.8 Macro lens, and occasionally, a fisheye lens, all Nikon products.

I love this Nikon D90 and you can get it on Adorama, B&H Photo Video, or Amazon, for about $950. The Nikon 18-55 mm is an all around great lens for travels. It is super light and has great optics. I found mine on Ebay for about $150.

The Nikon 105mm f2.8 lens is a macro lens and it is my all-time favorite lens for macro photography. It is a solid piece of equipment, and is a bit pricier than other regular lenses, at about $850. I found it here (Adorama), and here (B&H Photo Video) for $890.

My fisheye lens (which I don't use that often) is a Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 lens, at a cost of about $700 on Adorama and B&H Photo video.

I also have the Nikon Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control, which only costs about $15 and is ready to use right out of the box. It is small and fits in your pocket. You can get it here (Amazon)

For low-light photography, I use a tripod to guarantee sharp photos. There are many brands out there, but popular ones are Manfrottos or Gitzo.